Welcome to P2 Consulting

P2 was conceived with one view in mind – to help small to medium sized business (SME) owners improve their quality of life. How? Most SME owners are good at what they do, but loath the rest of it – business plans, leasing, cash flow, invoicing, systems, processes, etc. But for a successful business, all these and more are essential. So we can make this happen for you so you will get back to loving your business and loving your life!

We specialise in helping you improve both profitability and quality of life through better understanding your business, assisting in improving processes and implementing automation.


P2 is a confident, capable, flexible and qualified team with over 50 years combined experience in Public Practice and Industry. This means we have the skills and expertise to help all business types and all business sizes.

We also have a wide network of strategic partners that complement each other. Areas such as legal services, web design, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, HR, event management, business coaching and the list goes on …

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